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Professional Account

As a professional client, you will have access to the entire collection with a 30% discount.

To request a professional account or modify your existing account, you must have a Professional Make-up Artist Certificate or another, linked to aesthetics and fill out the form below.

Professional Clients can also be representatives of the brand, and must tick this option directly on the form. Professionals representing the brand have the possibility of reselling branded items in their studios, ateliers or in private training. For each action to be developed, you must contact us by email.

Baton Líquido Vinyl - Phoera Makeup Europe

Official Reseller Account

Local reseller accounts are only assigned to industry professionals with stores or commercial establishments open to the public.

PHOERA-MAKEUP EUROPA authorized local resellers are selected by zones or regions according to their profile. Online Resale is not authorized.

To apply for a RESALE account, you must contact us via email at